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I thought that was what poultry did first thing in the morning, isn't that why a cockeral  makes all that noise to get the woman up and about?

@FredBassett - a possible explanation for the the time scale may be down to the police believing the accident could end in loss of life. even if no one involved at the rtc was at the time the police arrived. a detailed investigation of the scene is required for assesment of the incident for a possible future arrest/court proceedings.

How much money does it require to put the air show on? I would be happy to pay a few quid to watch the airshow, if it was like the old days and not the last few. it's a boost to the people of Dawlish in more than just revenue. I, personally, used to feel very humbled to be able to watch such an impressive air show from my lounge balcony. I'm sure, if organised, say through the shops in ...

After reading the above link, I had to laugh where it states 'funding options for two VITAL cycle links in Teignbridge are being explored' To state that this pet project is vital is laughable in a sad way. All I have seen so far, from what has been put in place already for the cycle path through Dawlish. Is the pedestrian walkways and the road coming into Dawlish have been down graded in ...

High hopes for centre
24 Oct 2016

Then how long before it is either sold off or demolished?

No pun intended, I hope. Shame that they cannot get the few quid from Teignbridge council, seeing as they have been splashing millions of pounds about over the last year for things such as the shopping centre at Newton Abbot etc

In my opinion, the railway collapse at Dawlish was purely down to the railway companies lack of maintenance to the sea wall. You only have to walk along the beach from Dawlish to the Warren to see large, deep cracks and base sections of concrete that have worn away along the sea wall below the railway line. British rail was not purchased by private companies to make a better and more reliable ...

Yes, the weather would seem to be to blame for the erosion, hopefully the Dawlish councillors can spend a little money on refurbishing the War Memorial. They don't seem to have any problems spending thousands on less worthy causes.

Brook still backed up due to the blockage at the entrance to the sea for the last few weeks! as of last night.

Interesting reading, even from the DM.

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