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Dawlish News

An interesting observation by the photographer - "He also spotted the very rare sight of the DRS class66s no's 66424 and 68301 double headed. The yearly flask train from Crewe Coal Yard to Keyham Dock Yard (DEVONPORT)." Why would waste nuclear material be sent to a Naval Dockyard? and significantly only once a year. The schedules for all other shipments is very regular and all go from the ...

Or destroyed - a vile peice of history.

Doesn't sound much different to my days of commuting to and from central London on the tube, although that only cost a few quid.

@Lynne -

13 Feb 2017

Another ill thought out idea for Dawlish

Needs destroying, not selling. From reading the article it seems to imply ground level jobs will be at risk to taken on 5 new directors. My own opinion is to keep the people who actually do the essential jobs and thin out  the large number of over paid senior/middle management. Services are ...

Usual over complication of a simple process by civil servants. If we, the ratepayer, are paying for a person to spray paint onto a bit of dog poo and leave it in place. Why can't we save money on the paint and have that person pick up the dog poo instead of waiting for another person to pick it up. It's no wonder, with the large amounts of rates people pay in Teignbridge, there's no money for ...

It wouldn't go amiss to spend a bit of that on making sure the sewage got where it needs to go without leaking out everytime there's a bit of rain!

I thought that was what poultry did first thing in the morning, isn't that why a cockeral  makes all that noise to get the woman up and about?

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