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Dawlish News

I am sure one of the DDC will be up their pretty sharpish with some dodgey i.d. to claim it...ha ha ha ha!

Cannot see the application on Teignbridge planning web site yet although the area in question is highlighted in red. From the illustration on the news article the extended height wall is only from the station towards boat cove not the section between red rock cafe (as it use to be known and the Dawlish station!

In the 15 years I have lived in Dawlish the town's essential services have become ever more scarce. Prohibition notices have been placed around the town to stop the minority of idiots, vagrants and alcoholics from being an annoyance, but as zero enforcement takes place they just paint the town as a problem area to visitors. Banks in the town started to close and last year Lloyds, the only ...

It's an entirely different attitude, by those in charge, when you have worked most of your life and then end up going into signon for a few weeks. I know I have been on the receiving end of the job centre staff's third degree attitude on several occassions each time I have been made redundant. If only they had this attitude towards those that have been on large benefits for decades and even ...

Anne Marie Morris MP - lights, camera, my opinion.

Stupid is as stupid does.

In my opinion, just a revenue earner for the council. Why not enforce the orders on The Lawn I am sure you could make a lot more than running all over the district.

Who put the charges on the car parks in the first place? Who has continued to extend and increase the charges again and again? Who cannot see further than the end of their noses? The well being of this area seems of little concern to those elected as long as THEIR pay and pensions increase year on year, in my opinion

i would't be surprised if there was an awful lot of asbestos went up into the atmosphere during this fire, considering the age of the building. I may be wrong!

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