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Dawlish News

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
12 Jun 2020 07:12

Parts of Devon had the highest number of assaults on staff

Among those who have shared their stories of being assaulted while on duty in a bid to raise awareness of the problem, and to remind people of the consequences is emergency care assistant Mark Walker.

He and a police officer were spat at by a patient he was trying to treat in Dawlish, South Devon on May 25.


12 Jun 2020 08:49

Dawlish is a bit of a drunkards  protected habitat....especially the site of special interest for those looking to observe the drugged up and professional alcoholics on The Lawn.

On ocassion you can observe the paramedics trying to extracate one from the public toilets.

You would be surprised to realise that this habitat area is also designated a prohibited site for this particular species, but those in charge of upholding this prohibition seem reluctant to act.

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