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Rumbling noise
10 Aug 2020

Anyone else notice rumbling thunder sound just now 07:56 hrs? Or it might be the rave starting up in the field behind my house, no kidding..same thing every year and goes on till 6 or 7 in the morning.

@Lynne ..thanks for the info, its just a shame over all this time no enforcement action never seems to have been taken. Its no wonder greedy developers keep flouting the, win on their part most of the time i expect.

But you still need planning permission  for a tree house. I think i will get my red shoes out of the loft and tap them together 3 times and get the hell out of here. I am just waiting for the ufo's and unicorns to appear next. A little off subject but i think a few may get my point.

not that i could see at 11:00 hrs this morning, but the wood slats for the tilledj roof that was detiled sometime ago seem to have gone now. I thought this was a listed building. the only reason it has got to this state of disrepair has ben engineered by those who own it, in my opinion. for the sole purpose of screwing as much profit as possible ouyt of the site again in my opinion.

5 Aug 2020

Riding on the sea wall says it all. I wouldnt be suprised if its parents and grand parents are just as well brought up. You have had at least 4 generations of humans brought through the education system now. With a strong bias on the students can do what ever they like and very little, if any consequences, but if a teacher crosses the line they will most probably lose their job and career. I ...

The sea wall
30 Jul 2020

Just wait for all the skate boarders, scooters and push bikes. The sea wall path is lovely and smoooooooooth.

Initially i wore a p3 rated repirator and goggles to go to the supermarket because of the publicised risk of shrivelling up and dying if i did not. After  a while i just got so stressed wearing the stuff i stopped wearing it. I have not had any real issues from not wearing the ppe other than much lower stress levels whilst i do my shop. So why now, nearly 4 months after the lockdown, the ...

Initially i would wear a p3 respirator and goggles when going to the supermarket eaxh fortnight, but the amount of stress that induced in me days before i actually shopped was terrifying. looking at the info on the internet and the fact that the stats foir this virus have been poorly managed to include any and all deaths the last few months. i decided not to wear my ppe and emtionally felt a ...

Up road from me a house has started work on landscaping their back garden. Loads of dust and noise all day and approx 40 tons of hardcore and about 40 railway sleepers. I feel sorry from the people who have a house below them if this lot gives way this winter. No planning permission on Teignbridge planning site for the work....which I would list as fairly major and with ...

I have been to the surgery twice over the last week or so and am aware they require you to wear a face covering when you go in the surgery. The first visit last week I arrived on time and waited in the Q in the reception area, as directed, to be advised where to sit for my appt. I observed a builder working on the lift with no mask and one of the admin wandering around with no mask. ...

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