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@Dil ...I believe you answered your own question.

7 Apr 2020

certainly puts it into context. although i fear that the easter bank holiday will cause a lot of issues for our emergency services. i have been watching a bloke this morning shuffling a long a 45 degree house roof cleaning the slates with a brush as i have said before and will say again    'STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES'

5 Apr 2020

Interesting vid Don't think as many people are laughing now!

It is the same every time instead of enforcing the rules on those dick heads who flout it, they just do a sweeping ban and the dick heads still keep doing it

4 Apr 2020

Just been watching the live feed and quite a few people walking along the wall. Passing each other within a few feet at most. I haven't been bothering with the news the last couple of days. Is the pandemic over?

@Robjon ... Happy to oblige.....stay safe.

2 Apr 2020

@Daverc ..have to agree with you. Last time it was this natural and beautiful was during Iceland's volcanic eruption. That was a good 2 to 3 weeks of blue sky. Mother earth really suffers because of humans on its surface.

1 Apr 2020

Google flights today shows over 60 flights leaving new York today for London and that's only returns leaving 1 April and returning 2 April. We need less movement of people from hoit spots to the u.k. not more.  WTF IS GOING ON WITH OIUR GOVERNMENT. WE ARE AN ISLAND WITH AN ADVANTAGE OVER EUROPE.....CLOSE OFF ALL BUT ESSENTIAL MOVEMENT NOW.

31 Mar 2020

Currently there is only an advisory for people not to leave new york. If u go on Google for flights out of new York there are 22 scheduled to London TODAY!

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