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@Rob Ring - appreciate the comment. great bike to be hold, may you have many more happy years riding her.

While the UK reduces it's emissions minus those belched out by the airlines and other sectors that are excluded. Russia, China, India, America etc will continue to increase  the amount of green house gases they produce. Why is it the U.K. that gets the poppy end of the stick?

It cracks me up the complete denial of politicians. You only have to listen to the lib dems today believing that people voted for their party because they believe they are the better party ......yawn.

Anyone have any idea's for a name for it? I thought it could be called Sturgeon, seems to roll of the tongue. Sounds a bit like sterling.

They say what you want to hear and then act like the three wise monkeys when they get into office, but it's not evil they don't identify, but those people who voted them in - if you get my drift. There needs to be more power for the electorate to oust any elected official(s) who thinks they are to good to do the bidding of their electorate. Any other job where you refused to carry out your ...

I would have thought that a group of people who are responsible for the well being of Dawlish. Would have had a little check list of TO DO's for Dawlish so that it was clean and tidy for the Easter bank holiday. A few odd items like :- 1) emptying waste bins each day, 2) sweep off the sand from the sea wall walkway, 3 ) cut back foiliage. Maybe a little walk around to make sure that everything ...

@s - All i can say is more fool on them

22 Mar 2019

What a load of smoke and mirrors.  Joining the common market many decades ago may have been a good idea, but over the last forty years the common market has and is evovling into what will one day be a dictatorship of all europeans member states. All aspects of all member states will be dictated by the unelected few. Anyone wishing to remain as a member of this corrupt regime, in my opinion, has ...

21 Mar 2019

The petition on getting rid of the licence fee with over 100k was discussed in the clown room and after a while they just decided it was good value for money. Maybe if I was on an MPs salary I would not give a shit either. These internet petitions are just another tool used to make the sheeple think that we live in a democracy, I think not.

Wasn't sure if everyone was aware the signs on the beaches around here have been/are being changed. The old notice allowing dogs on certain beaches usually stopped 1st May each year, now it will be 1st April. Obviously there are parts of certain beaches were people are allowed to walk their dogs all year round, but they are normally the parts where the tide comes in first. Who uses the beaches ...

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