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Funny how the most destructive and invasive species on the planet. See other species as invasive and destructive who have zero impact to this planet compared to humans.

Well I did predict
18 Oct 2019

We joined a common market with the intention of making trading with Europe easier. We did not signup to have our country stolen by a bunch of crooks intent on taking away our sovereinty and making us a puppet state of the e.u. This last 3 years or so has shown what a bunch of self serving parasitic weasels we have running our country. No matter what these weasels do. I will be voting to ...

The last time these idiots did this in central London I sat in my range rover on the marlybone road for 4 hrs and yes I did leave the engine running because it was f##k##g cold  outside. One thing the actions these idiots take do the opposite of their protests over global warming.

@1263 one thing they are very good at is spending our money for worthless things, while the local area continues to spiral downwards.

26 Sep 2019

Climate change climate change officer dawlish council = increase in car park charges, more roads you will not be able to park on around dawlish, increase in car park permits, etc, etc. For goverments and councils climate change is just another 'vechicle' to screw more tax out of everyone. Call me cynical if you like.

Smugglers' Field
19 Sep 2019

I would assume they are going to have accomodation, canteen etc for the people working on the Dawlish sea wall.

Every year these @#£%S have their raves over a weekend solid....I just get a supply of wax ear plugs and when the booming start I stick them in, sleep like a baby.

@majorp ...because I take several medication and after 12 months on the same manufacturers I had 2 of them changed to other manufacturers. I have had dangerous side effects from 2 of the drugs. When I get my scripts I can have 2 or more different drugs on one script. So when I go into Lloyd's or Boots if they have one drug by a manufacturer that works for me and one that does not I cannot get ...

12 Sep 2019

15 day and 5 trips to the Barton surgery/Lloyd's pharmacy and I have at last got the blood pressure medication that I should have got 15 days ago. Although my blood pressure has taken a beating this last 15 days without medication. Certainly not looking forward to next months repeat prescription challenge.

Is it just me or is Scapegoat sounding a bit like someone who use to be on this site a while ago?

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