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How do these people getvthe time to do all this protesting.??? supply plane tickets for them to go to Russia & China  to see what reaction they get from the biggest polutters on the planet. Suspect the ring leaders are communists and liberal left wingers  with orders to stir up trouble in western democracies, as stalin used to say "useful idiots"

COVID Boosters
1 Nov 2021

EVERYONE  should be vaccinated , with the conclusion yes some will die , some will have allergic reactions etc etc but stastically you take your chance same as crossing the street ...............  not vaccinated stay indoors and keep the hell away from the majority of the public who have...................... End of....................

1 Nov 2021

@ deedoddle  how many now dead anti-vaxers  if they had their time agian would  wish they woud have liked to debate the merits of Vaccinations definations with CDC

A poo bin located on the actual promanade would have been useful as there seems to be a reluctance for some dog owners to pivk up their pets dump on the walkway

With hindsight an award that would not have been needed if South West Rail had spent money on infrastructure improvements, ( knowing how dodgy Dawlish line was to the sea ) and not shareholders profits  when they ran the franchise.

Are they going  hang about the riverside centre at night to practise. anti-social behaviour underage drinking /drug abuse or will it just be hide and seek................?

Is there a hidden agenda here after not getting promotion................

If your enemy knows you won't fire ( After goverment executive decision- exclusive of your opinon of the merits of the incumbent president  ) then what is the point of the MAD scenario ?

Be aware its only a matter of time before the council looks for more money to replace the bin drivers that have left or offer the current drivers more money. Cant wait until elections to get this mob out , but the down side is swapping one shower for another..................

NHS waiting list in England hits record 5.45 million