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Looks like she missed a couple of E's for the police  evaporate if called,  Evade- if near the end of shift.

15 Sep 2020

it's full steam ahead for all curtain twichers ou should call the police if you have concerns about people having big parties in your neighbour's house. That's absolutely something you can contact the police on. ... Fundamentally, as we've always done all summer, police will use their 'Four Es' approach: engage with people, explain the rules, encourage them to comply; then, if they don't, ...

Key contact Mr noon, can someone contact him and help him with the spelling of available and occupation. If that is what they let out with checking spelling God help us..

@ brooklyn How about the waste of ratepayers money trying to incorporate devon/cornwall police with dorset How about her justification that we have to paymore in rates for policing but get less in Dawlish How about the expense used to tart up the commisioners office How about the  false  information we get from the police saying how they are on top of crime. How about why some ...

8 Sep 2020

probably be later going forward now that the" dawlish post" shop is up for rent/sale

Great ....looking forward for the Dems to abolish or reduce bin charge within their budget%uD83D%uDE02 D

Hmmm,,,,,, guessing  your  caucasin, not transitioning, non- immigrant, not a black live matters or extinction rebellion supporter, so you may not meet the criteria for instant response.

@ lynne yes got my wires mixed up there about abolishing chard  however correct me if i am wrong did they increase the bin charge?

It will take the police two weeks to turn up.

@Lynne .." Gordon has been tireless in lobbying the government over plans to force more housing into Teignbridge above the level approved in the Local Plan.” My point is yes, , it may be  goverment ultimately decides but the  issue is that they are  lobbying for more housing ......