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Were getting off the subject...bottom line if you are a pensioner, vote tory to lose your winter allowance, your house to pay for your care, and an end to the triple lock. All this other claptrap is ignoring the issue...PENSIONERS  VOTE  TORY TO REDUCE  YOUR STANDARD OF LIVING...............END OF.

22 May 2017

here is my problem, was going to vote  tory a brexiter, unionist, and pensioner now going to use my vote as a protest due to triple lock and home care, but which party?? labour   corbyn yyou must be joking lib dems remaners and policy liars

3 Nov 2015

sarahsmith- your logic is flawed, you mention the noise from fireworks but then say they should only be done by public display????? do they have silent fireworks.? people injured by "cheap" fireworks ?  does that mean then that expensicve fireworks don't injure you.? The fact of the matter is that fireworks are fine it is the peope who handle them without proper regard to safety that is the ...

Had to laugh when listening to Police Commsioner suggesting a refendum to increase rates to keep more bobbies in a job. Here are some suggestions.- feel free to add your own. 1- Get rid of police commisioner, his wages wil employ a couple of bobbies. 2- Reduce the size of the police car fleet and get more police to actually walk the streets. 3- Don't botherto investigate any crime ...

So what' the response frm our local MP - Deafing silence !!!!!! photo opportunity on this subject.......................

What Police ???  They are still busy looking for a room to rent at the Manor after the station cuts. Can someone also lend them a car so that they can patrol  and possibly  a torch for nightshift. Yes obtain fake  note which the police will seize and you will be £20 out of pocket.

Teignbridge and Devon council  against caping golden goodbyes for council members at £95,000 discuss.....................

Syrian refugees
24 Sep 2015

Can we change the title ofthspost to Syrian refugees and Afghanistan, Egyptian, Iraqi, Nigerian ( add your group here )  economic migrants

andysport et al - another example why inbreeding should be banned.

18 Sep 2015

note to oursoul  - runners/bikers   condecending/condescending get my drift.