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Vote liberal

Ziggy, Are you sure it wasn't let's try and spot a Bobby on the beat?

That clown IDS  is involved in this, and he  was in charge  of the disastrious Universal Credit roll-out. A total vote loser  should a general election come up. Remember the tories tried to do away with the triple lock and other ideas at the last election and along with brexit issues got their ar*e* kicked.

maybe they were just hungry or was it a different chinese "carry-out" they were after.

Don't tell Hernandez she will put up council tax again.....!!!

lobotomy dems
10 Aug 2019

Lib Dems in opposition -We voted against bin tax. Lib Dems in power - keep bin tax and allow price increase. Summary Yet another reason to remember this, next time election comes round

Why did these two councilors go all the way to downing street, when they could have just posted the lettrer.?? Did they not relalise  there is a "climate emergency" and should  be not be going on unnecessary journey's.- Oh hold on a minute this will make a nice photo opportunity. Did they get expenses for this jolly, sorry trip.???

Should his defense not have been, weel i had to go away and do a risk assessment of the situation , or call it a hate crime to get the police to respond faster, or sue the school for not teaching the boys their human rights to not punch one another.  Hmmm.... snowflakes now rule this land.

Lets welcome jo aboard........ Swinson, for her part, could hardly be called a fully progressive figure. As employment minister, she reversed workers’ rights by introducing charges of up to £1,200 for the privilege of attending an employment tribunal (a move later ruled unlawful by the supreme court) and even considered cutting the minimum wage , all at a time when workers faced an ...

could she have smelt it.?