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Tory policy  is to sell off council housing, and boost the rental sector ( landlords get tax breaks )   Just check out recent  teignbrige Tory led council  decisions about planning for dawlish and then complain to your local M.P. Oh, I forgot that is another party member so nothing will change there then.

IDS at it again
12 Jun 2015

IDS- Massive cost overrun on DWP  computer system - would have been shown the door in real life IDS  Failed Tory leader Are we  surprised ???

Re the above typical lah blah from MP'S - Anyone pick up the story in the paper ( daily mail ?)  a couple of weeks ago that the southwest will be getting next to nought now that the lib dems are no longer in goverment and no longer able to get political concessions  for the southwest.

Soulofdawlish, You dont get it do you.?  67p/week this year , then yearly increases as the revenue stream has been implemented. It's a sneeky tax implemented by local councillors, who continue to espouse keep DEVON tidy messge while going against a logical arguement that fly tipping will increase. If they get awy with this who knows what the next money raising revenue scheme they will come up ...

Teignbridge Tax
6 May 2015

Fair play to you Brenda. No doubt in the future I will be open to critism on my views, but  hey that is what a discussion forum and demoracy is all about, as long a its kept civil. The only stipulation I would have in regard to some of these posts, is that,  if they are political in content, the discussion posters should say so  at the outset that thay are in some way conneced to the ...

6 May 2015

To Brenda, How disappointingly obvious when someone disagrees with something,  they try to put a label on it: eg, you must be a Lib-Dem Wrong -Your not a gardener Wrong - You must get someone to do your garden Wrong again. Also I am not going  into the semantics  of what is and what is not garden waste, that's another discussion. I registed my opinion as a TAXPAYER  who sees crumbling roads ...

The time is fast  approachng to show the conservatives on the Teighbridge council that the 7000 votes against the proposed bin tax which was ignored  will come back to haunt them. A tax by another name which will increase year by year, cause increased fly-tipping and more smoke pollution with burning garden waste........ Use your vote...................

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