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The world according to teignbridge council conservatives.!!!! Did anyone notice the rant in the gazette from the Tory councillor behind the introduction of the garden waste ta.x..???? 1 - use the letters page as a party political forum to slag of the lib-dems- never mind the non-aligned voters wHo just see this a a tax no matter what party tries to implement it. 2- people voted for the ...

Syrian refugees
8 Sep 2015

slargemail............... well done ...keep throwing out your comments to get people to bite.........the fact that your arguements are rubbish is just a front to keep the debate open. So when you ask for more clarity I won' be responding as you seek the oxygen of publicity.

7 Sep 2015

Just a thought but why are the muslim countries like Saudi, Jordan etc not taking in these "refugees" ? s it because their is no benefit system over there.? As ever this  weak  goverrment is throwing  money at the sympton but not the root cause. If we could set up a military safe zone like we did in the Balkans why can we not do th same  in Syria

DWP admits fabricating stories from benefit claiments who said they were "pleased" after being sanctioned ........................... Another screw up from the former failed prime minister, .....pension scandel,  system cost overruns, what does this guy have to do to get sacked.????

It's obvious.....burial site for the Tory manifesto

our soul "looking forward to this starting" - are u a councillor ?  any normal person realies that this is just another tax raising exercise  by the council under the pretence of being green, which will rise each year. More plastic bins /boxes ( where did the money for that come from.? ) more confusion , more hassel - you couldn't make it up fom this mob..........

Can  anyone enlighten me as to why we cannot have the river exe  cruises  Lleaving fom either  starcross or teignmouth that are available at exmouth? Are the piers unsuitable or what.?

Does having an LP by Des O' Connor count.?

Anti-Austerity March
24 Jun 2015

Is this  the mob that had speeches by,  an alledged  ex-ira  leader  ( ironic  poster in the background -stop the war .....!!!!)  and  russell brand  millionaire  socialist .!!!!  ( ironic anti-austerity poster...!!! )  sorry coundn't make it as i was puttng needles iin my eyes at the time.............

Tory policy  is to sell off council housing, and boost the rental sector ( landlords get tax breaks )   Just check out recent  teignbrige Tory led council  decisions about planning for dawlish and then complain to your local M.P. Oh, I forgot that is another party member so nothing will change there then.

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