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Hi In total agreement, votes for the lib dems were a protest vote against Tory/Labour  and not an endorsement of Lib-Dem policy, but wait for the lib-dem spin on the result.

Agree with you conchibar, would hve been more interesting than : I have lived here for .....x years  and used to be a xxxx Dawlish is a great tourist attraction ....... I have been engaging with the public ???when Picture of would be councillers pointing into a hole ........ I would have have more respect if they had put in there leaflets how they voted or thier take on the ...

What  a dilema on local elections Tories - No mention in their leaflet about bin tax introduction/ rate rises above inflation  - constant bleating from teignbridge tories about no money yet their party are in power......says it all. !!!!! Lib-Dems - waste of space would not trust them to tell me the time of day -only interested in power at any cost. Labour - waste of my time typing ...

Same rubbish...different price

Sunday times..Vince cable would put corybn in power if he backs a second referendum!!!! The lib Dems would do anything for a bit of power.!!!!!You could not make it up with these clowns,..........!!!!

Brexit - Part 1
24 Nov 2018

Are the DUP not British ?  they are quite entitled to maximse political clout into revenue the same as the Welsh and Scots.  It's a mere  pittance compared  to having that loony Coyrbn and his stalinst momentum cronies in charge.

Look on the bright side it saves the taxpayer 115000 pounds a year that he gets for his stint in goverment. Another nail in the coffin of the lib dems, the amount on snouts in the trough at local and goverment levels of politicians is disgusting. Still must get back and read what Mel Stride has done again this week, not enough days in the week for him to promote himself,.......

Dudley squat will happen as there is no money

Perhaps its seasick................

- WARNING please note - form does not distinguish between park on the lawn and other suggestions e.g bicycle path and new bandstand, so if you agree with improvements  you are in fact condoning approval for playpark, so that statistically the outcome could be that  working group can say  a high percentage of people agreed with "improvements"

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