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The Police
30 Oct 2017

Tip.  If you need to phone the police tell them that kids are playing football in the street -guranteed to get a squad car down asap......

Please can they suspend all political utterances from the paper.!!!!

nice buns !!!

Anne Marie Morris
17 Jul 2017

its now OLD news obviously,so see will let the outrage??? die down and get back to her surgeries.  Items like the proposed playpark in dawlish,food banks, et deserve more attention that the MP's slip of the tounge, and the response of  liberal/politcal point scoreing / chattering classes keeps me amused..

14 Jul 2017

Yawn yawn yawn ........outrage from labour ( ignore the anti-semitic diane abbot ) and others who have not got a life.......... Move on to more important local issues rather than this fake  outrage.!!!!!

Were going off subject here, back to the main point where is the best mackerel  fishing..............

lib dem candidate unimpressive at Dawlish hustings wouldn't waste a vote on the party that says one thing and does another..........

Were getting off the subject...bottom line if you are a pensioner, vote tory to lose your winter allowance, your house to pay for your care, and an end to the triple lock. All this other claptrap is ignoring the issue...PENSIONERS  VOTE  TORY TO REDUCE  YOUR STANDARD OF LIVING...............END OF.

22 May 2017

here is my problem, was going to vote  tory a brexiter, unionist, and pensioner now going to use my vote as a protest due to triple lock and home care, but which party?? labour   corbyn yyou must be joking lib dems remaners and policy liars

3 Nov 2015

sarahsmith- your logic is flawed, you mention the noise from fireworks but then say they should only be done by public display????? do they have silent fireworks.? people injured by "cheap" fireworks ?  does that mean then that expensicve fireworks don't injure you.? The fact of the matter is that fireworks are fine it is the peope who handle them without proper regard to safety that is the ...

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