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General Discussion

24 May 2019

You miss the point, is this group,  a place where you can post something that is factually "true" but is removed because other people don't like it,  what ever happened to "free speech" Is the issue that the origional comment was a joke, however much in bad taste  was still a joke and people  need to grow up and take it as it was meant  within context without rushing out crying to condemn, ...

Humans 'threaten 1m species with extinction' Who counted them up and can I get a job with them

22 May 2019

Duckileaks, as to your question as to why i find it funny- answer is because i have a sense of humour - try getting one.

22 May 2019

No humour allowed on this side - everthing must be PC, don't offend anyone and  agree with anyone, who calls you racist, homophobic, intorable, or any other title that does not fit in with the vocal minorities views.

Never seen so many
21 May 2019

Another opportunity for the seagulls to dump all over Dawlish...!!!!!

12th of never.

Brooklyn bridge - Grateful ?????.............  that is what we pay our council tax for.  The unelected crime commisioner  said we would need to pay more for policing (again). Now we have electric bikes.....why not just have the bobby walking the beat.

the white hart
8 May 2019

Rumour that it is alledgley up for sale.?

does anyone know the breakdown of who lost their seats and who won.?

Whoever gets in doesn't give a toss about how many ballot papers are spolit. If people genuinely want to protest they should vote possibly for the best of the worst . By not voting it allows other parties the chance to get back in . I would make it mandatory to vote as like in Oz. Its one of the last democratic ways we have to remove politicans after the death of free speech, newspaper gagging and ...

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