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the tr uth is o ut there.....

@b.o liking, I fail to follow your input, are you saying that countries freed from Nazism were not happy because part of the allies were British.? The e.u did not come into existence till years after the war (even then it was called the common market) so what has that to do with countries being freed from the Nazis.?

11 May 2020

How long before the skyrats eat the cygnets in the brook, as thier normal food chain ( r ubbish bin and take o uts) are  no longer available.?

@pete, Your being very disengious, as regards France when your country is overrun and the Brits are pulling out you have no option but to surrender to end the unwinnable contest.Many french have their lives to fight a rearguard action to try and buy time for the Brits evacuation.

3 May 2020

Like I said you just make sweeping statements......

2 May 2020

Perhaps I don't want to make compost, and there are good reasons to have a bonfire. Who says I annoy my neighbours? Please stick to the original thread about nanny state and don't be a proper Charlie.

2 May 2020

@carer, More sweeping statements How do you know all the people I talk to are idiots? You must be very clever. How do you know all bonfires are smelly.? Do you  know that I check with neighbours before a bonfire to ensure no washing is out etc. I suggest  you do  try and do a coherent response without just using sweeping statements as you obviously cannot rationalise discussion if ...

1 May 2020

So when would you like bonfires  at night.?So you speak for some  people? I also speak also for some people. How do you know the bonfires are smelly? is that because your neighbour does not burn dried wood It's only your opinion and i couldn't c care less what you think.Keep taking the tablets.

1 May 2020

Your condescending

30 Apr 2020

Totally different, people have to get rid of  there green waste as council yards shut.We don't need the condescending messages from councillers. Funny how everyone leaps on the covid bandwagon when they are stuck for an answer.

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