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General Discussion

Never seen as many cops on foot in the town since the gas leek.  Anybody know why.?

Prophets of Doom
25 Jan 2020

Typo error should have read FLAT.......

25 Jan 2020

Teignbridge council declared it round so they could build more houses on it.

@masonic bodge you state about the guys hair saying that it should be a discussion  his politics then YOU bring up his sexual orientation and mention that he is a good looking man. Are you wanting to tell us something.?

Police Spending
9 Dec 2019

As per Alison Hernandez  police and crime commissioner  (£85,000 per year salary ) budget and  annual pleas for more money consider what Devon and Cornwall police  bought tiotalling £26,970. -9000 glitterbugs -2000 tins of mints -1000 toothbrush sets -21000 pens 1000-lip balms 250 water bottles. Nope I have no idea either.................!!!!! perhaps she could respond via ...

No wonder they have withdrawn, until USA, China , & India  take environmental steps you are just Fart*ng against Thunder.....

Not disappointed generally overpriced tat

This thread is dead the waspies are not going to get anything so why continue this conversation!

Roll Up Roll up ......listen to all the bulls**t promises

He won't even get near the trough as he's labour..!!!!

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