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i agree @leatash but i'm not sure what the police are too busy doing these days as they don't attend house breakins (you have to take photographs and email them to the police), they don't attend car accidents unless there is an injury, they don't attend assaults unless they absolutely have to! the only thing they seem to like doing is pulling people over for speeding! in fact, it is so long ...

Don't get me wrong Lynne, I agree and I will be completing the consultation document but I think it is putting pressure on our MP and the DfT that will  potentially have the greatest impact. @ken , that is exactly what southwest trains were allowed to do in 2009! we cannot let yet another train company get away with the same thing.

19 Nov 2016

You could do but usually consultation by companies like CC means 'we have made the decisions, we are not changing our minds, but we will jump through the hoops'. Questions have already been asked in Parliament, let's hope our MP earns her salary and speaks out to protect our services.

I don't know where this is but it is a growing problem in Dawlish. Luscombe Terrace is a nightmare some days with so many large work vans parked halfway or more on the pavement. Anyone with a pushchair or with mobility problems would find it difficult if not impossible to use the pavement. Princes Street is the same, yesterday every car on the right hand side was parked on the pavement, anyone in ...

I agree DEEDOODLE, how do we go about it?

All well and good but they also need to build trains that don't break down when they get hit by waves!

Very good point Ken, which I will incorporate into my letter to AMM et al. Thank you.

I was told today that for the fat cat salary Ms Bulbeck earns she only works FOUR dayas a week!! Nice work if you can get it!. Does anyone know if this is accurate?

Great photographs, thank you.

It's been a fiasco from the start. The toilets should never have been closed in the first place given the large numbers of visitors using the car park. They were sacrificed for Sandy Lane toilets so a few dog walkers could go to the loo!