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Well done to whoever on the Council arranged for the lighted swans on the bridge, tthey look fab in the dark. And so do he lights over the brook, as they always have done. And to think, not too long ago some councillors wanted to get rid of the lights over the Brook and replace them with modern rubbish that would have not looked anywhere near as attractive as the 'old fashioned' lights!

17 Dec 2016

Are we missing the point here? I think the council have a right to protect parking spaces for those paying to use the Manor but I do NOT think they have a right to lock up an empty car park every weekend and over holiday periods thus preventing local people parking there to ease conjestion on the surrounding roads. That is simply madness............and the madness stems from the Town Clerk, who I ...

Do you have to be in Exeter to buy this ticket? If so what is the benefit? I am only aware of the plus bus ticket, which if you buy when you buy your train ticket you can travel on all Exeter bus routes for an additional £2 but it only covers Exeter. You can of course buy day rider tickets but I don't know how much the one which covers Exeter costs. The one covering Torbay is about £4.50, which is ...

13 Dec 2016

Train passenger numbers have increased hugely over the last five years but investment in rolling stock hasn't, consequently our trains at peak times are full and standing and a nightmare to use. But...........people use them because train travel is so much cheaper than bus travel. Stagecoach, who operate our local bus services, are well known for their greed and rip off prices! The buses may well ...

Well we haven't been cut off for the last 100 years, well, except for four months in 2014, but the way things are going with the buses and trains we WILL be cut off! What are the district councillors doing about all of this...........not a lot from the deafening silence from them!

Yes Lynne he did and his statistics have since proved to be utterly and completey inaccurate as corrupt MPs (nothing new there then!) were involved and were cashing in on road building programmes. This is a fact which has been publicly aired  in various TV Programmes.

I know! But whatever they spend on the line is useless while ever we have Voyagers travelling along the line! But..........CC are about to solve this problem by stopping all of their services at Exeter! So, we won't have that problem after December 2017 but we also won't have much of a service!

Cross Country only own (lease) five HSTs, which is why we see very few of them down here. The CC trains are the original Virgin Voyagers made by..........Virgin..........byword for cheap and nasty!! Sadly, people, like CC, use the word average to get out of all sorts of arguments. They will tell us we see many more passengers on individual trains but say the AVERAGE NUMBER is........ and it is ...

Well said b.o.liking!

PS I cannot be bothered going back in and putting back all my capitals - why does this site do this?!!!