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Dawlish News

The article doesn't open so why bother putting it on!

When will someone say enough is enough and force CC to use their HST fleet on this line as these are not affected by the waves?

Well, if someone has stuck it in your gut it's not a pleasant knife is it!

Again! Just give us the HSTs decommissioned by GWR!

How about putting the money to better use such as better care for our old people!!

The article is exactly the same one from last month so to say “ The Rarely seen Network Rail Flying Banana Nos 43014 Named the Railway Observer and  43062 Named John Armitt, worked down from Reading Triangle Sidings to Paignton via Penzance," is a nonsense. It’s up and down our line like a yo-yo due to rough seas and high waves which prevent Crosscountry trains running along the line! I think the ...

Close it down and move into the 21st centuary!

I would correct any errors above but the website won’t let me! Also, why do I have to sign in EVERY time I visit this forum?

29 Nov 2018

So, now the new GWR trains seem to be affected by salt water!! We have the voyager trains that cannot travel the sea wall at high tide because they break down if water gets on the roof and now we have the new GWR trains whose doors won’t open if they get slat water on then!! You really could not make this up!!

Because the Cross Country trains, the original Voyagers, break down when waves crash on the top of them! This doesn’t happen with the GWR trains or when CC run HST trains, which sadly isn’t very often!

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