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Dawlish News

I know! But whatever they spend on the line is useless while ever we have Voyagers travelling along the line! But..........CC are about to solve this problem by stopping all of their services at Exeter! So, we won't have that problem after December 2017 but we also won't have much of a service!

17 Nov 2016

All well and good but they also need to build trains that don't break down when they get hit by waves!

And the concert at Powderham!!!

Me too Deedoodle! I too walked around town last week in the late afternoon and evenings and saw the usual suspects openly drinking from beer cans, cider bottles etc! Not a plastic or real Bobby in sight to impose the PSPO! Why do we have this problem in Dawlish and other towns do not seem suffer a similar problem?

As was seen in Newquay over the weekend, it takes just one unexpected wave to devastate a family forever!

@Liberal Democrat, perhaps you should now request your FOI given the disclosure of the additional £100,000 this event cost, split evenly between Exeter and Teignbridge. An FOI would reveal the true cost of this wasteful event to taxpayers, they have a right to know!

We have been landed with a bill for another £50,000 on top of the £100,000 already wasted on the Big Weekend. It was a Big Weekend - a Big Waste of tax payers money!

That chip must be weighing you down!

7 Jul 2016

Usual respnse from Mrs C! One day, maybe, there will be an intelligent response but I won't hold my breath! And I await the raft of negative responses from her very few henchmen! It really is all good fun.

Well, I have been talking to a friend today who is going to the concert. Mum, dad and two children. The concept of a free concert went out of the window weeks ago, as we all know. Tickets are NOT free when you have to pay the ticket master £8.50 for each ticket! Park and ride is £11 per person so, as they cannot afford £44 they are paying £27.50 to park in Powderham grounds. Who is getting all ...

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