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I agree Mcjrcp but the fact is workers are not protected. For all the years I have been a union activist, under both Conservative and Labour governments, it has been the same.

21 Jun 2016

I do think the rosy spectacles need to come off. The sad fact is that too many employers use the Euroean working time directive of not working more than 48 hours a week on average over a rolling 17 week period to force employees to work the 48 hours regardless of their contracted hours and for no extra remuneration. Many employees are not protected by European laws as many employers simply ignore ...

21 Jun 2016

Unlike you, I do not tell lies. We all know Hay Day and Mrs C are one and the same and you are once again  back to trolling because is what you do best.

21 Jun 2016

@Hay Day , wrong margaret swift! I don't play Hay Day in employers time!

21 Jun 2016

I agree with Burneside, not everyone who wants to stop wasting money on the EU gravy train is far right or even veering to the right! I know I'm not yet I do not want to see the waste of money that has gone on for far too long unchecked. We have a failing health service and an ageing population with no social care structure in place, a decrepit transport system and far too many people homeless or ...

21 Jun 2016

Re Mrs C...........I rest my case! Oh, and a blatant liar into the bargain. A leap yes, but not necessarily into the dark!

Well I am sure all those who enjoy the quiet and peaceful sport of bowling will be delighted..........not! We have been here before. Yes, Dawlish could do with a playpark so we can mimic Teignmouth and Paignton but is next to the bowling green the best place? What about the grossly underused Tuck's Plot with the 1960s boring golf which is hardly used? Wouldn't this be a much better place? The PP ...

Mrs C................boring as usual. Can only slag off people can't actually engage in meaningful dialogue. And GT isn't much better.........what does the above comment mean? And why all the God stuff? Very bizarre! Keep up the good work Fred and Burneside.

Re Mrs C's post at 14.24 today takes my breath away! Of all people on this forum she is the one who is full of hate filled bile, as she has demonstrated time and again over the years!  And before she casts insidious inuendoes about my late post, as she normally does, I will just say that I have worked a 60 hour week this week which is why I am late responding to this thread. What a vile evil ...

@S there is no guarantee but at least it is money saved to spend on something other than that great waste of space, money, time and energy, the eu! OUT

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