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Play park
29 Jul 2017

Yes I am an ex councillor, so what?

Dawlish Town Coucillors changed the character of Dawlish Warren for ever in 2001 with the demolishion of the quaint individual retail huts replaced by the huge concrete monstrosity we have today! Do not allow them to destroy Dawlish simply because they are councillors!! Remember, they have no qualifications for the job and are there to do what we want!

28 Jul 2017

Ordinarily I would agree with you, but on such an important decision that will change the character of Dawlish for ever I think a referendum is needed.

Play park
28 Jul 2017

Thanks, I have now discovered that but it wasn't immediately obvious. Essentially, DTC ruined Dawlish Warren in 2001 and are now hell bent on destroying Dawlish!

We need a referendum! Similar to the Manor House.

Play park
28 Jul 2017

Why has the Play Park thread been closed? Do we have a councillor controlling this site?

Should we be saying 'the park was required because of environmental legislation' rather than 'the park was needed...........' It might be required but I doubt it was needed and I doubt it will see significant use.............boring green field V seafront, beach, amusements? Time will tell.

Let's hope the people of Dawlish speak up and speak out and save the lawn from the ********* in power at the moment. Why do they feel the need to simply copy what other towns have done without any thought to the appropriateness to Dawlish?

17 Jul 2017

Let's hope they don't find the funding!

Anne Marie Morris
11 Jul 2017

Well, clearly you did not work in schools in the inner city I did in the 80s. Well documented by whom? How I wish I still had a copy of that directive!!

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