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Just about sums up the stupidity of the Council!

Why are job vacancies in part 11? They are not commercially sensitive are they? Why do any vacancies have to be discussed behind closed doors? This should not be a part 11 item.

Tuck's plot
26 Sep 2017

What I think is that Dawlish Town Council and DCC have completely lost the plot when it comes to the cycle route! Apparently, there is a presentation at the full council meeting next Wednesday, October 4th, on the plans to take the route through the lawn area past the TIC, blinking bonkers!! Go along and have your say. The town is being ruined by these madcap ideas and this bonkers council!

Far from being a little puddle it is a huge horrible mess that renders the footpath impassable. If everyone took the view Lisa does then we wouldn't have any footpaths at all and the farmers would be delighted as many do NOT like walkers tramping through their fields along legitimate footpaths.

19 Sep 2017

I raised this issue at the CAC meeting last week, asking the chair to get the issue sorted. I have walked that path three times over the last three weeks and have had to divert through the farmers field as the footpath is impassable. The framer has tried to secure the gate so that too is impassable but with not much success. DTC have an obligation to ensure all footpaths are passable.

For once I agree Leatash! The vast majority of the long standing town councillors seem to be against any innovative ideas for improving the town, including a road train and an improved mooring for the ferries. We need fresh bright councillors brave enough to implement good ideas!

And those families are going to come to a watered down version of the playparks in Teignmouth and Paignton, who both have more space than we do? I don't think so! All the cafes I go in have free wifi and the town has been busy this year. Perhaps the reduction in takings are linked to the lack of the air show, many of the traders have always said they take more on that one day than in the rest of ...

I might have got this wrong but, I thought the plan was to extend the jetty at boat Cove so the small ferries from Brixham, Paignton and Torquay could visit here. They ply an amazing amount of trade between the three towns mentioned and if they could visit here it would bring in a lot more tourists. I understand the sticking block is that the jetty is owned by Network Rail, that is what I was told ...

Well, it's worth a try! It's a while since I did an FOI, the last one was about the closure of the toilets at Dawlish Warren!

6 Sep 2017

OK, let's put in an FOI to the Town Clerk asking for the comments on the questionnaires.

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