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I am sure you share my concerns that a major contributor to this forum has gone walkabout. I have checked  The Samaritans,  Citizens  Advice,  Job Centre ,   Lloyds Pharmacy, The Smuggers, Langdon and the  Labour Club, but to no avail. It is imperative that the member must be found, as without the current medication of 6 nasty  pills a day, this forum could become civilised and tranquil. ...

Chip shop owners who don't  pay  their  bills  should be battered.

Syrian refugees
24 Sep 2015

That's  the dozen that have a chip shop in Bradford.

Quite correct Duckileaks you did, but I  never let on I  was an alchoholic , unless is was the slurred typing.

Don't  know, but perhaps someone who knows could reassure  us  it's  not for fracking or similar.

I never had your step daughter down as a grass Duckileaks, very disappointed, I need a drink.

It's  the Franklin it's  a survey vessel.

Oh dear, all this is beyond me, I  was brought up with a crystal  set.

21 Sep 2015

I  bet google has gone into meltdown.

20 Sep 2015

That's handy burnside, amongst my circle of friends is a hit man.