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Missing since the 21st September at 8. 31 pm

elvis presley
elvis presley
27 Sep 2015 06:50

I am sure you share my concerns that a major contributor to this forum has gone walkabout.

I have checked  The Samaritans,  Citizens  Advice,  Job Centre ,   Lloyds Pharmacy, The Smuggers, Langdon and the  Labour Club, but to no avail.

It is imperative that the member must be found, as without the current medication of 6 nasty  pills a day, this forum could become civilised and tranquil.

I urge you all to look in your garages, wheelie bins and outhouses.

Unless of course burnside has tracked the member down and put them out of their misery.




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Margaret Swift
Margaret Swift
27 Sep 2015 22:43

Long live elvis! Thanks for the best post in years. X 

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elvis presley
elvis presley
28 Sep 2015 01:11

Yes not bad considering I  died in 1977. Is there a prize? 

Update for you all. I attempted to enquire at the police shop, but it was closed , but the word in the local hostelries  is that , the member is in London for an interview , with a view to join The Diplomatic Corps or in Bradford training as a suicide bomber for IS.

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