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Makes you wonder what she actually did, except drinking tea, eating choccy biscuits and going to meetings.

Should have implemented the policy , a long time since, I hope you stick to your guns webmaster.

10 Jun 2017

Heard all that before.

That request will open a can of worms.

Illegal Parking
31 May 2017

Perhaps there is a case for public hangings for perpetrators?

@S you concede then that morty vicker  isn't wired up properly. by the way I am quite calm.  I smoke too much grass to get excited.

26 Jun 2016

What's the difference between a resident of Langdon and Morty Vicker. One has serious mental problems and the other is a resident in Langdon.

How gratious they are in defeat.

I'm coloured, queer , dress in women's clothing and go cottaging. Can I come to your garen party to maintain the status quo? I'll bring an umberella.

17 Jun 2016

Oh dear, somebody has been telling porkies and it isn't OLB.