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Quite a lot, if the elderly have run short of Special Brew and methadone.

21 Feb 2018

Damn cheek really, knocking on people's doors, attempting to work, instead of sitting on the lawn, drinking Special Brew and waiting for methadone o'clock.

Dawlish crew didn't attend as it was two minutes before the end of siesta.

How anyone could drink coffee or tea from anything other than a Royal Albert bone china cup , I fail to see.

No!  You left off the question mark vicks. Not to be picky, just saying...........

10 Feb 2018

The whole thread has become tedious, marginally better than counting sheep.

Bet it would have been different pre election.

13 Dec 2017

I think Mrs C has found Jesus.

Splatford Split
1 Dec 2017

The plot thickens!

Back to the drawing board then Mrs C.