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General Discussion

14 Aug 2017

If that what has come from the Town Centre manager I'd like to hear what she thinks from herself, because thats unacceptable to say that if it is the case. Police being seen and visable is a bonus, and at the end of the day, drunken behaviour, whether toruist season or not, when it becomes rude, unacceptable and uncalled for, then it's unwanted in Dawlish, or any town for that matter. So ...

New golf course.
7 Aug 2017

That is quite shocking, why do people feel the need to be so stupid. I mean on the beach, you wouldn't kick a ball about if it was too busy and you certainly wouldn't play cricket in a crowded area, so what sense of common decency is it to even consider playing golf on the Lawn. We need better watch system in place thats for sure.

Car Park
7 Aug 2017

Thing is, surely, we want visitors to come to the town and stay in the town. I often use the strands various cafe's for a drink or a bite, but many close very early, which is a great shame.

Well I certainly hope he was offered the oppourtunity before killing of another Dawlish Buisness.

Car Park
4 Aug 2017

Subway would be great, no doubt, we'll lets get a Cafe Nero/Costa/Starbucks, a Wilco and a KFC/MacDonalds, then we might have a town for life.

I just don't understand the whole point to be frank in a playpark, when we can't look after what we already have.

Car Park
3 Aug 2017

I don't think Dawlish has enough shopping choices in order for it to even consider having a multistorey car park built within it. Supply Dawlish with some up-market shops then you may stand a chance of needing additional parking. Otherwise is there really a need for it? Yes Car Parks get full in Dawlish, but we don't see the return of the money spent within the parking facilities so why add more?

Is it not the same person running the Bike Shop at the Warren?

Playpark is great, but let's make the most of what Dawlish has, why waste money, time and beautiful land over something that like the rest of Dawlish, will go rot and ruin. Let's face it, the Museum needs help, the brook is filfthy and unattractive now, the toliets at boatcove are shabby chic now, the manor is full of needles, the strand looks filthy and the once cream slabs are now looking a ...

17 Jul 2017

Believe me there is lots of evidence, we have a co-op they are the hub of everything Fiartrade. In fairness, Dawlish has been a fairtrade town for a long time, just not been sign posted as one. What I'm annoyed about is that money is spent on signage when other signs need addressing more importantly.

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