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General Discussion

What a single minded idiot.

Well I sincerely hope this does not go ahead. Admittidly I can't go to the Meeting due to other commitments, but I hope people do turn up.

New Benches
7 Nov 2017

@leatash - indeed it is great to see this taking place, long overdue. i wonder who be responsible for the maintenance of them? @Lynne - i have to agree, wouldn't it be lovely if dawlish had a colour scheme?

Well I guess thats a help, but then I guess eithe rno one knows that it is there from the authorities or they can't be bothered to do something about it, now if it was tourist season that would have been removed by dawn.

Residents of Dawlish avoid the Warren at all costs during the summer months, it's a nightmare to park, an expense to pay and an overcrowded area. Not to my tasting anyway. However if the stupidty of people in office feel that charging more for parking rather than not charging anything at all during the cold and winter months, then well all I can say is, like the summer, we won't go there in the ...

I must say that if you write down what shops we have as you walk through Dawlish, well it paints a nice picture actually, the problem is the shops that we do have are not what we need. It's not that the town has changed, it hasen't, people have changed, goverment has changed, council has changed....they want to spend less, gain more, and I'm afraid that does not work. It's a shame that Tucks Plot ...

1 Nov 2017

I had a beggar try the same yesterday in Dawlish, me being me, decided that I would do something to help, I offered to get them a hot drink and a bite to eat, and they refused and asked me for the money instead...the answer was no, and he moved on...drugs I guess.

Planning application
31 Oct 2017

No we do not, this has been discussed under the Tucks Plot thread, and no it's stupid, the whole town shortly is going to be ruined more than it already is.

Anyone know if it has been reported to council and if it has yet been removed? That's all that really matters, no?

@Matt , i thought her husband was called tony, he was the last time i spoke to him. i love the trick you've done there with your name. I have to say I know both Matt and Roma very well and they are kind, loyal and caring people. Who like anyone else are entitled to an opinion and should be respected like anyone else.

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