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If you are unemployed drawing benefit and fit to work there shouldn't be a choice. I was talking to a 20 year old yesterday and asked what she was doing her answer "nothing i cant find a job with decent money and i am not working for min wage". My question is how do they get away with being out of work for 3 years, is it the system that allows it or are there expectations to high.

Hoverboard is a recognised trade mark so the Trades Description Act is of no relevance.

It would do our snowflake society good i look forward to it.

Have they found Keiron yet?

How about training our Swans to surf that would be a crowd puller.

6 Dec 2018

And the weather is going to be worse next week.

Fairly obvious i would have thought.

It's been the same for years.

I think it's very complicated the Warren spit protects the Exe estuary and the population that lives along it including March Barton building islands at sea may alter the way sand moves and ends up at The Warren. The problem is as a general rule of thumb joe blogs knows little or nothing about how these things work i include myself in that analogy and because of the complex nature of the way the ...

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