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Living on the edge

New Cycle Lane Signs
23 Oct 2018

Apparently cyclist have been cycling too fast.

Bandstand and other
16 Oct 2018

@S i totally agree with you

15 Oct 2018

I also walked through The Lawn thismorning and saw some homeless people on the bandstand and saw a police and two PCSO's pass by them, they couldn't do anything because they weren't causing any trouble. Maybe it would help if the homeless had somewhere to go. Not all homeless people are druggies or alcoholics some have been through a time in their life that most of us have been lucky enough not ...

A planning meeting tonight 7pm-9pm.

Flying Scotsman trainspotter fumes as passing locomotive totally ruins his view of famous steam engine Read more...

5 Oct 2018

Great pics DEEDOOLE thanks for sharing.

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