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Dawlish News

Freemasons in Dawlish
10 Jun 2018

The Freemason do a tremendous amount for charities.  When I worked for Red Cross we regularly received money from them for local causes.  There is a national section which is called The Grand Charity we received a massive amount from them for fire victim support vehicles.  When John and I were Mayor and Mayoress of Dawlish we received two amounts for charities in Dawlish at a regional level.

I went down yesterday it was a fantastic atmosphere.

Bernard I am on the Town Lawn Group and I have no knowledge of a plan being formulated for a new bandstand.

It is so sad that this has happened.  This was a fantastic facility for visitors and people of Dawlish. Debbie and Don are fantastic at making you welcome and they have worked so hard to make this cafe a success.  I hope they get the support they need to get this cafe up and running again as soon as possible.   If this was a deliberate act I hope the police find the people that did this.

Thats not very nice you will be old in time.  That could have been your mother or grandmother.  We should show respect to older people not be disrespectful.

Please dont be disrespecful to older people they do have feelings.  I am sure the gentleman will be devestated about what has happened, but none of us know exactly what happen so we cant make a judgement until we know the full facts.

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