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Dawlish News

I sure agree with these posts. And once again we have the ( Airbnb) inside the bandstand two of them. Take a look at your new council tax notice, I was shocked 6% to Dawlish Council.

I agree with the posts. If you haven't opened your council tax bill make sure you are sitting down.

Hi Guys, as mentioned before I have a meeting with the Crime Commissioner on Saturday, are there any issues that you feel need to be passed onto her. I wonder how many in this town would like to see the police office open again?

7 Sep 2020

Alison Hernandez told me on the phone that she wants to hear any and all complaints of anyone calling the 101 or for that matter the 999 number that is put on hold for long periods of time, any ASBO'S problems etc. So post on here and I will print the page out and discuss the complaints with her on this coming Saturday.  I'm sure most of you know of her but for those that do not her title is. ...

6 Sep 2020

Deedoodle, you are not wrong. I have had the same problem, but after waiting on hold a lot of people hang up, therefore, it does not show on the call logs indicating that there are little or no problems in Dawlish. Would you care to elaborate on what the issue was? as I have a meeting with the Police Crime Commissioner on Saturday as I would like to print out these posts.

It's not a case of going for a test if you feel you are sick, testing the population is a way of finding out who has the virus and those that may have had it or if anyone is asymptomatic. My wife and I went online to make an appt and we went last Friday, we had a reply by email on Tuesday that we are clear. And can go to work if we want to.  The testing site is at the park and ride in Exeter.

I must admit the report on here and in Devonlive paper suggest that the reastaurant is going to close. My Wife and I have been there many times and have a good relationship with the owner. Feeling disappointed I just called Chi and spoke with the owner and they are the freeholder for the property.  The restaurant is NOT going to close. Whatever they have planned the owner stated that they have ...

I agree with the comments. Its an ongoing problem in Dawlish and no doubt every other town and city throughout the country. The Noise that these young kids create during the early hours of the morning is disgraceful, they don't care about anyone but themselves, the parents don't care. Wouldn't a responsible parent wonder where their offspring are and what they are doing late at night and during ...

No Black bin pick ups
25 May 2018

Well, it would appear that i was wrong about the black bin pick ups. Had an email from the council informing me that the next pick up is June 1st due to the bank holiday. Last pick up was May 17th next pick up June 1st. Upon checking the pickup calendar I was wrong, apologies.

24 May 2018

I had called the council about lunch time today spoke to a lady and I was told they until 4PM to pick up, ok I said that's fine. As I arrived home at 4:20 they had not been emptied. Called again this time I was told there could be many reasons one of which that they may have ran out of time. Ran out of time what an excuse. The lady gave me another number for the refuse dept. The line was busy at ...

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