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No Black bin pick ups

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
24 May 2018 17:30

I had called the council about lunch time today spoke to a lady and I was told they until 4PM to pick up, ok I said that's fine. As I arrived home at 4:20 they had not been emptied. Called again this time I was told there could be many reasons one of which that they may have ran out of time. Ran out of time what an excuse. The lady gave me another number for the refuse dept. The line was busy at 4:30, I bet it was busy! Tried again 4:45 and the phone rang off the hook no answer perhaps the office had run out of time! I was told by the first person that they MIGHT be picked up Monday with a little luck. So if you have a black bin that's why. I did fill out the Councils complaint form on line for what good that will do. 

Just a foot note if you are late paying council tax just tell them you RAN OUT TIME...........

Excuse the rant folks.

2 Agrees
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
25 May 2018 12:15

Well, it would appear that i was wrong about the black bin pick ups. Had an email from the council informing me that the next pick up is June 1st due to the bank holiday. Last pick up was May 17th next pick up June 1st. Upon checking the pickup calendar I was wrong, apologies. 

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