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black lives matter
yesterday at 15:41

I have heard two conversations this morning from my open window and both conversations were along the lines "it's all over bar the shouting nothing to worry about now" my thoughts they have no idea what is round the corner.

yesterday at 13:17

yesterday at 09:11

black lives matter
2 days ago

I also believe he had served time for some pretty serious offences and things are different in the US Lynne folk carry guns i wonder how British Police would react if everyone could potentially carry a gun.Police in the States are fragmented, poorly trained, and in some cases corrupt and i doubt if anything will change in a hurry.

2 days ago

1263 You are spot on Floyd was detained allegedly for trying to pas a forged $20 note he allegedly resisted arrest and at autopsy was found to have recently used drugs. Now i dont condone the way the Police dealt with him but if he hadnt been commiting an offence he would probably still be alive.

What we need is 3 or 4 weeks of bad weather gales and rain to keep everyone at home.

2 weeks ago

I didn't hear a thing slept like a log went to bed at 2330 woke at 0900 this morning spring cleaned the flat now a couple of hours on the PS4.

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