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Dawlish News

Apparently caused by a meteor.

And what crimes would they be DEEDOODLE.

25 Dec 2020

25 Dec 2020

25 Dec 2020

I haven't died from covid in the last 12 months because i havent mixed with anyone i havent even seen my kids since March i have isolated myself totally and i for one cant wait to roll up my sleeve, and it's probably time for the powers that be to make it mandatory to recieve the vaccine.

This is not unusual with large projects  sometimes theres a glitch here and a glitch there and solutions are found.

I live within spitting distance of the works that are going on and i honestly haven't heard a thing not one sound, my neighbour hasn't heard anything either just a slight vibration.

21 Nov 2020

Thank you HM you are spot on the glazing was arleady installed.

20 Nov 2020

I am very close but can only feel  vibration i think the triple glazing stops the noice but hey a little inconvenience for long term gain.

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