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Dawlish News

Thank you HM you are spot on the glazing was arleady installed.

4 days ago

I am very close but can only feel  vibration i think the triple glazing stops the noice but hey a little inconvenience for long term gain.

1½ weeks ago

It was from work on the sea wall i could feel the vibrations through the floor and walls.

I see drivers on a regular basis drive on the wrong side go through the no entry over the bridge the wrong way and then right into Brunswick Place. I often wonder why is that piece of road confusing drivers, or could it be sat navs are telling folk to keep right and take the next right.

But at the end of the day we will in the near future be glad that it has been done , and there is no comparison with the 2014 works and what is going on now. In 2014 the only main line into the West Country was put out of action and it was critical to restore the link fast, today there is no panick trains are running the line is intact. The works are to future proof the line against rising sea ...

25 Jul 2020

I dont understand what all the fuss is about if you go to any large building project there are always folk standing about on there phones or just chatting that's how it is,  the culture we live in is get as much as you can for as little as you can.

The British public just love to break the rules i noticed motorhome owners emptying there elsans in Sandy Lane toilets 4 weeks before camp sites opened and running a hose to fill there tanks with fresh water folk just love to bend the rules as far as they can.

When you see a hired campervan from a LEICESTER hire company it makes you wonder if there is any common sence in the world. I saw one only ten minutes ago passing through Dawlish in the direction of the Wrren.

5 Jul 2020

I just wonder what they are bringing with them Dawlish Warren coronavirus heaven.

black lives matter
25 Jun 2020

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