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Dawlish News

Still good to know HS2 is plowing on,just so that some pin stripe can get from London to the North 20 minutes quicker.

This could be the kiss of death The sea Mr Grayling is that wet and sometimes blue stuff like you.

Reopen the okehampton line ,you cannot avoid or beat nature.

GOOD Now for the Cats

Could it be hollow talk ,not so sure. if they do take the inland route instead of the present it could happen that the railway line could be abandoned to nature. Will they keep repairing this line every two or three years, it won't make sense unless the answer is very drastic.

How can the government consider HS2 as a priority, when nothing has been done to prevent rail travel in Devon and Cornwall. I would think it's importance for supplies to the Navy in Plymouth alone would be a major concern.

Here is the rub, if the old line is re opened when the next storm demolishes the present coast line.Would the government be unwilling to repair or would nature take over.

It is not a promise. We would like this to happen but is not possible at the moment.  Oh yeh?


Unless it has already been mentioned but if my memory serves me electricity and water coming over the track don't mix scarry ! Whilst on the subject of railway lines someone must have noticed on the last two nights of regional news the mention of the opening of the inland route around Tavistock. Trust our Prime Minister think not?

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