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Dawlish News

It's not that the parents are engrossed in the gaming, it's that they don't care about their kids as it's so easy to blame someone else these days. PS. Sorry majorp to correct you on your spelling again.

I take it it's a secret as to which bar it was as it hasn't been mentioned.

"One of the most famous old steam locomotives is heading to Devon this spring" The thing is it's not that old as it only made it's maiden run in 2008. Still, it will be nice to see it.

More holiday home for the extra rich to buy. Anyway, you lot voted for them so why complain?

And how many unemployed are there in this county and country?

I just cannot understand why they are called Hoverboards, when they don't hover. They are on wheels. Whatever happened to the 'Trades Description Act'?

Prepare for an influx of (so called) Celebrities wanting to help.

@leatash . Brilliant

@Margaret Swift This explains why you have to keep signing in.

But it still doesn't say anything about protecting the line at Dawlish itself.

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