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The Chi in Kenton, formally the Devon Arms, describe themselves on its website as one of Exeter and Devon’s finest oriental restaurant, that provides the dishes you want but can never find in the South West. However, Cllr Chris Thompson, chairman of Kenton Parish Council, said that the village would rather see affordable homes for young families built than have an affordable housing ...

Network Rail has announced that throughout the summer, staff will be undertaking regular beach cleans along the Dawlish sea front in Devon to help keep the beach clean and free from rubbish. Read more...

Opening hours at Dawlish and Totnes Minor Injuries Units (MIUs) have been temporarily reduced due to short term staff shortages – but the units are still open when most patients use them. Read more...

Do people honestly believe that a seagull could snatch a dog from a garden. The only people so far is the media and the is because they sell news papers and they  will do anything to attract some peoples attention. Would make good APRIL FOOLS prank..

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
3 weeks ago

Fears that Gizmo the chihuahua's leg has been found on a rooftop

In an official round up of the best chip shops in each English county compiled by Big 7 Travel, Devon's own Krispies in Exmouth made the cut. The Krispies website states: "Tim and Kelly Barnes (otherwise known as Mr and Mrs Krispie) have been frying and serving fish and chips for over 20 years. "Having left catering college Tim worked for a short time in Exeter, where Kelly joined him. They ...

The lies just to cover things up. This is the real true story. The dog was a bit of a yapper, so the husband sold the dog because they could not stop it yapping. Then he told everybody that a seagull had taken it from the garden. I always did think the first version was a bit of a tall story. So here was another story that had no truth in it.

Are councillors' expense claims made public?  I bloody well hope so.  Let's see if they paid for this jolly out of their own pocket.

26 Jul 2019

Why did these two councilors go all the way to downing street, when they could have just posted the lettrer.?? Did they not relalise  there is a "climate emergency" and should  be not be going on unnecessary journey's.- Oh hold on a minute this will make a nice photo opportunity. Did they get expenses for this jolly, sorry trip.???

Derrick May, 60, of Robartes Road, St Dennis, appeared at Truro Crown Court via video-link from Langdon Hospital in Dawlish Read more...

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