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Doing the right thing
yesterday at 09:23

@concerned do you have links to the recordings?  I had heard about this but would like more info

3 Jul 2020

Margaret - of course they weren't obviously open!  They have back entrances though, and one of them covered the windows in newspapers.

2 Jul 2020

I'd happily name them, but for one thing - definite knowledge. What would happen if I named them and it turned out that I'd been fed malicious gossip? Sorry, Dil but maybe you'll have to wait for details to come via another source.

30 Jun 2020

The one caught twice got all the beer taken away

29 Jun 2020

Heard this weekend that 3 other pubs in Dawlish have been bypassing the recent regulations, one of which got caught twice....

Shaun Sawyer
24 Apr 2020

I agree with the Chief Constable, not in the spirit of staying at home if you get in the car to drive somewhere to get your exercise. Walk around the block, it might not be so pretty but it's the right thing to do

It's definitely in Devon, I have family members (not in Dawlish) who have it and I think I may have had it myself - but mildly. So that puts it in Dawlish too.

I remember the years that some councillors were extremely proud of the fact that they didn't increase the precept year upon year. But they did keep up with pay increases for the staff, and the cost of any services they paid for increased and any materials they bought increased so effectively each year they could do less with the money they had. There should be a small increase each ...

Just to be clear for anyone else reading this - best before end is a guide used by manufacturers to tell you when the flavour of the food may start to deteriorate (all still edible) Whereas a use by date is when the food should be eaten because it will go off and may lead to food poisoning.  But eyes and nose are the best guide for that and a day or two after may not matter. Frequently ...

Water fowl
4 Aug 2019

The Town Council are responsible for the waterfowl. I do remember hearing that the birds in the aviary were there for display and woudn't be released onto the stream. The birds on the stream are wildfowl and not technically under the remit of the Council (except the swans) None of it makes sense!

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