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General Discussion

8 Jun 2020

You're being deliberately obtuse as expected.  Out of interest what do you mean people like me? Oh good old, someone disagrees with me, let's blame it on someone who has been banned from the site as they can be the only person who thinks I'm a bully.  Funny you should call me a troll.

8 Jun 2020

Try not to let the stupid come out Deedoodle, I'm self isolating thanks.  My objection has nothing to do with the demonstrations it has to the use of that word.  I can just imagine the bully that you are.  Using that word is not an opinion it has a meaning and bullies like you taunted kids who had learning difficulties with that word and you're still doing it now.

8 Jun 2020

That's what I thought.  Hope we never meet in real life and hope you've never had a caring role.

8 Jun 2020

You tell me leatash as you're also showing your true colours if you think that's an appropriate word to use.

8 Jun 2020

Do you really think your use of the word retard is appropriate Deedoodle.  I think that really shows what sort of person you are.

Agree it's stupid but BoJo said it's okay to do it.  It's not the same thing.

26 May 2020

I feel quite angry that the little weasel thinks we'll fall for the guff about his eyesight, how thick does he think we are? Boris isn't going to sack him, it would be like Emu firing Rod Hull.

Is it just me or is there a lot of smug 'I'm all right Jack-nesss' around at the moment?

11 May 2020

This is concerning Lynne I think we need to be required to stay in our own counties. Talking to a friend in Brussels, they are having similar garbled messaging - have you seen Matt Lucas's video

Governments don't run businesses either but they're still classifying people as key workers and providing tests - our company has been involved.

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