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General Discussion

Road Closure
1 Apr 2012

It was a black bag left outside of the Natwest bank. The police did a very loud controlled explosion and out popped a typewriter. Everyone came down town to watch. All very strange.

Watchdog Thursday
28 Mar 2012

I posted something similar a while ago. All goverment agencies seem to think it is OK to sell personal details to companies willing to cough up the money. 192 buys its data off government agencies like the Electoral Register and Companies House.

Kony 12
8 Mar 2012

I've watched it and it is a good video. If this site can help the cause by promoting it then that is only a good thing. I remember reading one of the webmaster's original posts that says we can discuss anything we like which is why I post things that are not always about Dawlish.

I think it would be best to just scrap this benefit and increase the tax threshold to something that resembles the cost of living. I would like to see :- 1) Increase the tax and NI threshold to 12K or what you would earn on the minimum wage working full time. 2) Merge NI and tax and have a fixed tax rate of say 45% for everyone. 3) Stop taking tax off people and then giving it back to them as ...

I stay here in Dawlish. I used to lie to work colleagues when they asked if I was going anywhere nice and say I was looking for a last minute deal even though my plans were to do sweet FA. Eventually I realised most of my work colleagues were doing the same as me. Why, when you finally get some time off to enjoy the place you live in, go somewhere else? It doesn't make sense.

Here are some crime authors who have used Dawlish as a Surname in their novels. I am sure I have heard Dawlish mention a lot more in Agatha's novels. Also there is John Dawlish from Harry Potter. Perhaps these authors were inspired to use Dawlish by Charles Dickens? Agatha Christie' Poirot Death on the Nile (1937) Lord Dawlish "In truth, Ferguson is Lord Dawlish, a very wealthy member of the ...

Sunday Trading
11 Feb 2012

Free parking is a good idea. Councils should provide parking in small towns like Dawlish to encourage people to visit and spend. I don't go to Exmouth much now because of their parking charges. Even in the winter when the place is dead you still have to pay to park. Councils benefit from a healthy local economy anyway don't they because of local business rates? Perhaps if they also got a share of ...

10 Feb 2012

I was going to say I would have preferred a Tesco to Sainsbury, but not if they have grumpy staff. I always found the staff at the Exeter Rydon Lane store quite friendly.

10 Feb 2012

Because we are trying to save our highstreet remember?

According to page 3 of the Gazette, the council are giving away £20,000 on energy efficiency improvements. Why do they always try and spin it as help for the tenants? Tenants are not responsible for structural changes, maintenence or improvements to the property they rent. What should happen is that tennecy law should be updated to make it a requirement for landlords to meet certain requirements ...

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