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Saw this wonderful article on BBC website. Loved the independent article - very very tongue in cheek

Dawlish Museum +
8 Aug 2013

@Carer I had just got in from work when I saw this.   Very impressive item.   Pity that Larry Lamb had not visited Dawlish Museum to see his outfit and the pipes.   The Germans actually thought he was mad when he landed with Lord Lovat.   Let's home it got some people interested and they come to visit

Animal Cruelty
22 Jul 2013

Cannot believe some people would be so cruel

@jools88 If I could I would happily stay in Dawlish permanently.   I am fortunate enough to have access to a property which allows us to stay in Dawlish every year.   We have spent many happy holidays enjoying both the scenery and the wonderful atmosphere and wonderful people of Dawlish.   Coryton Cove is a hidden gem.    Just hoping that the current brilliant weather will stay for our ...

15 Jul 2013

Coryton Cove at its finest.   4 weeks time and "hopefully" the weather will still be the same and I will be sunning myself on the beach.

Moving to Dawlish.
6 Jun 2013

@Andylufc Andy, we travel to Dawlish every year to spend our summer holidays.   The Bus fare between Dawlish and Teignmouth is extremely high for the length of journey.  The train fare is £2.40 single or a return for £2.70 (off peak fares)  I would suggest as stephen15 has that you visit the First great Western website ( to see if they do a weekly travel ticket. ...

Missed this episode, I have to admit I have enjoyed his travels through devon and was looking forward to this one.  Will catch up with it on iPlayer hopefully.   the closing credits for this series include footage of the steam train at the warren and past the coastguard cottages.

@Peter Unfortunately it is unlikely that any assistance from First Great Western would be forthcoming.   They are coming to the end of their Franchise and have already intimated that they do not intend to rebid.     A recent TV programme indicated that the higher volumes of people who are now commuting to work by train has placed a significant load on rolling stock which is already in need ...

Red Arrows
21 Aug 2011

Ditto - sadly missed

@Carer - if you also read the small print you will see that all raf attendances are subject to operational commitments and serviceability. @Brazilnut - well said. It never ceases to amaze me that people will nit pick over a simple thing like this and forget the loss of a valued member of the best aerobatic display team in the world. You should also remember that the pilots of the Tornadoes are ...

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