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this shower reminds of a shop owner that sells everthing that nobody likes or wants. But they keep up the same old policies.Because they know there  right and we are wrong. My second but, is by joining this bunch, you will get a most undeserving Knighthood which brings this title into disrepute.

if our health minister  messages as alleged are true and as alleged were to terrorise the population then his dept and aids must surely be investigated by the police for terrorism words do not escape me for these alleged actions..But they are not for this platform. BEWARE OF CERTAIN MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT.

The New King
16 Jan 2023

I hope i am wrong,but me thinks our new king will be a weak individual. He will bow to all his youngest son's and his wifes demands wishing for a quiet life. Well in this stupid world life is not like that. Get a grip, what may be acceptable for your family unity may not be ok with this countries population.

We have what some say are new independant news sources plus the usual mob every day it is about illegal migrants etc. Which gives us what is basically a  cricket score. BUT, what would be news worthy if something was being done about it by our lazy uninterested MP'S or government. Get forces that are expected to protect this country.Now that would be news.Defund the RNLI and border force ...

first defund or take away the RNLI's charitable status.secondly turn the channel into a firing range covering the english side for the 15 mile limit. jobs a goodun.

Well Done.To these M.Ps Boris has shot his bolt.Ta Ta

if you were a captain of a nuclear submarine in so many fathoms of water, and you received the coded signal from Jo Biden or Kamala Harris to fire all or some of the missiles   on a foreign nation. Would you consider it to be a measured and condsidered command?

The tories are toast. Ted Heath,Teresa May now Boris Johnson. What was it all about? Am I allowed to say brexit in name only . 100 odd trucks in Kent at least it wasn't Stukas.

Tut Tut Lynne Me thinks your under skirt is showing.

24 Nov 2020

If as you say Lynne we have left the E.U, why are we still talking about a relationship with them. LEAVE MEANS LEAVE. As usual Lynne you are such a bloody know all.

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