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General Discussion

I have seen no evidence, perhaps you could point me in the right direction so that I may ask those others how it is done.

16 Oct 2008

This is not Dullish which is as you may know a jibe at the many that live in and around Dawlish Dull is really apt! JD said he would guarantee that by the end of the day, others would be writing in colour, itallics and most other things that is possible in Word but not on this forum. So come on JD let the cat out of the bag for all the Dullards that are eager to know.

Council web Site
16 Oct 2008

How many of you miscreants tha contribute to this forum have noticed the new council web site? But give it time and no doubt it will be up to speed and kept up to date.

To Web Master
16 Oct 2008

Ann, the site hasn't died, the poster's have. Dawlish is such a morbid place you know. There are more old coggers per square mtr in Dawlish, than in any other place I know of. They don't advertise death as it is an every day occurance. JD is the one to ask as to why you think there is a demise of this forum. They all live in fear, or so we are told by our council, that they installed CCTV at ...

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