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7 Dec 2020

It doesn't need to be too serious or very intelligent. All that is needed is a place to express one's ideas  and absorb other people's ideas without incurring name calling and abuse and without posts aimed simply at winding up other posters. I have simple rules  for myself: never write anything online that I would not say to someone face to face. think before I write and never write in ...

6 Dec 2020

Perhaps we could reanimate the forum with the Marcus Tullius Cicero award for rhetoric. Candidates, anyone?

6 Dec 2020

Epicurus, I haven't posted on here for years because of all of the very unpleasant abuse that a small number of people direct at one another. Apart from Lynne, soldiering on with informative posts and thought-out ideas, most of the constructive posters have withdrawn. I used to post satirical pieces and I am glad to see your work. My other great pleasure is to read posts complaining about ...

One of the simplest things that you can do is to clear your browsing history, including cookies, on a frequent basis.. Many sites target advertisements based on that history. Some online purchase sites also increase the prices shown if they know that you have previously visited their site.

11 Jan 2018

I know a few people who have been scammed. I think it fair to say that Talktalk are never going to make unsolicited calls about your connection. Just hang up.. Do not allow remote access to your computer unless you have made the call about a technical problem. You are most vulnerable if you have had recent contact with Talktalk and expect a call..  I have wondered recently whether such contacts ...

Scam Phone Call HMRC
30 Sep 2016

By coincidence, I received an email today purporting to come from HMRC. I have reported it but people do need to be careful. Here is the wording: Dear Taxpayer, *Refund Amount : £1272.50 GBP >>Your *Refund Reference Number is: Ref/18400/2015 ************************* Account ID: 543200129 E-mail ID: 930023531 ************************* NOTE: If you've received an Income Tax ...

Freedom of Speech
7 Jul 2016

I believe that claiming the right to freedom of speech  imposes a corresponding duty  - to listen.

It's fair to say that Shakespeare has had some difficulties in his time. Thomas Bowdler produced his 19th Century Family Shakspeare, expurgated to be suitable for women and children.  Thus, his name entered the English language in the word "bowdlerise."

I can't think of any post that Paul has made whose intention is to spark serious discussion. I may be wrong but I think that they are designed solely to wind people up.  The best way to respond is not to reply directly to anything he writes.

Writing Group
17 Dec 2014

see and for other contacts, Don

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