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30 Sep 2016 11:36

May help someone. But had a phone call, so say from H.M.R.C. saying a lawsuit is in progress against me and I dial 1

to speak to a case officer. It seems that this person will say you owe some money But if you settle up now it would be 

cheaper. Do Not Bite. Having spoke to H.M.R.C there are several of these scams going on. The message was on an 

automated service.

Don Pearson
Don Pearson
30 Sep 2016 20:56

By coincidence, I received an email today purporting to come from HMRC. I have reported it but people do need to be careful. Here is the wording:


Dear Taxpayer,

*Refund Amount : £1272.50 GBP

>>Your *Refund Reference Number is: Ref/18400/2015

Account ID: 543200129
E-mail ID: 930023531

NOTE: If you've received an Income Tax 'repayment' it will either be following a claim you've made or because HM Revenue & Customs [HMRC] has received new
information about your taxable income or entitlements, the refund may come through your tax code or as a payment and could relate to th current tax
year or earlier years.

CLICK HERE to submit your tax refund request

If you find this message wrongly classified as spam, you can unmark the message.
Just select the message, and click the Not Spam button that appears at the to and 
bottom of your current view. Unmarking a message will automatically move it to  your inbox. 

Thank Your,
HM Revenue & Customs. 

01 Oct 2016 08:54

I had one just like yours, Dan, so look out people.

02 Oct 2016 13:14

I'd just received my actually tax refund (back in July) in the post then a few days later I received the same email as above. It had a link to a web page to fill in your bank account details and looked very genuine. 

The Government / TPS / MPS / ombudsman / whoever should do something about all this scamming.

All we got was that VERY annoying cookie warning. All browsers have had the option to disable cookies from the start.

So another fantastic great idea from the clueless at Westminster / Brussels. Don't do anything useful for heaven's sake.

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