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You're still misunderstanding the Local Plan review. None of the sites have been "put forward by TDC", they've all been put forward by the landowners (mainly farmers). They are all on this list, but the majority of them will be disregarded. Including, in my view, those around the Countryside Park.

Seeing as this is going to be up out of the way at Manor Gardens, what is the so-called "Lawn Working Group" doing to enhance the lawn itself? I'm think in terms of using available funding to give us a bandstand to be proud of (I.e. a bandstand!).

Gays creamery
24 Jul 2021

Masks were still mandated this time last year. Only selfish people didn't wear them then. And, erm, now. Johnson's idiocy, and peoples selfishness, caused the subsequent rise in infections that resulted in tens of thousand more people dying unnecessarily.

Brexit has nothing to do with the massive lack of lorry drivers in the UK? Nothing to do with the massive lack of hardworking people to pick and pack fresh food from our fields? Right-oh Paul, you're in cloud cuckoo land.

22 Jul 2021

The only time our Sainsbury's is anywhere near fully stocked is first thing in the morning. Any other time and it's desolate! Especially fruit and veg. Not the staffs fault, it's supply chain issues caused by Covid and Brexit.

Euro Final
12 Jul 2021

Nearly all the England players are descendants of immigrants. Something we should all be very proud of.

The camping application was refused so I'd be surprised if homes were allowed to be built there. Which the farmer who owns Warren Farm will no doubt be rubbing his grubby hands together about.

Replies that you can expect: 1. "It's not a consultation, they've already made their mind up". 2. "Why build all these houses, nobody needs them?". 3. "People keep buying all these new houses that they're always building, but what about the extra traffic they're causing?". 4. "I blame cyclists".

I hope that it's understood that all of the proposed sites are ones which the owners themselves (usually so-called farmers) have put forward.  They haven't been randomly selected by "the council".

1 Jun 2021

Ever been had? The owner of Warren Farm has certainly pulled the wool over the eyes (pun intended) of the great and good of Dawlish. I well remember that he whipped up members of this parish into a frenzy over his land becoming a Country Park, due to his claims about his livelihood being threatened. What's changed since? Oh of course, the £s per acre for building plots is waaaaaay more ...

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