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Great news - the images are really impressive.

3 Mar 2022

Farmland takes up 70% of England's overall land. It really is a myth that there are no green (or yellow, etc) fields left. 70%.

26 Feb 2022

So much in common with Johnson. No wonder Putin funds him.

Why has "Deedoodle" changed their username to "Teignpot the 2nd"? It seems to have morphed from a Peeping Tom to a somewhat worrying STALKER. Does this website have an admin who can remove this pervert?

Rachel Hardy easily overcame Charles Stubbs. I wonder if he'll finally take the hint?

It's the same site. The 5th house is the existing one which would be demolished to make way for it.

I wonder why pinhead isn't fighting to prevent housing on Warren Farm? Oh, yeah, *that's* why...

Hopefully Charles Stubbs (what is it with Tories not using their real names??), does as badly as he did last time.

I'd rather live next door to a gypsy than a Peeping Tom.

Brooklyn Bridge. It's a shame that you have to move house, but at the end of the day you chose to live in someone else's home. Granted 8 weeks isn't long, especially at this time of year, so hopefully you'll be able to find alternative accommodation in someone else's home in the near future. Good luck.

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