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Puts our pathetic effort this year to absolute shame.

Well Helen, there was just one float and the rest of it was just a few people walking down the road. Sparks were decent, though I dread to think how much they charged to turn up.

21 Aug 2023

It was by far the worst carnival procession I've ever seen. %uD83D%uDCA9

Gurkha Restaurant
20 Feb 2023

Yes. They're on holiday.

Dawlish Town Council
20 Feb 2023

Well done to the vocal minority who insisted that nothing be put onto the sacred Dawlish Lawn. %uD83D%uDE48

David Force
19 Jul 2022 Welcome back Deedoodle. Oh, and coincidentally, Fred Bassett.

13 Jul 2022

Hi David. I think Jason might be too busy nursing a birthday hangover!

When's the next car boot sale please?

Great news - the images are really impressive.

3 Mar 2022

Farmland takes up 70% of England's overall land. It really is a myth that there are no green (or yellow, etc) fields left. 70%.

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