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I don't think that the election has anything to do with it. Proper regular patrols should be effective. Once the ASB stops, patrols will be assigned elsewhere, and ASB there may come back. It is a continual problem.

Looking Good
17 Apr 2021

Oh dear. I have never sought to offend or upset anyone on this thread. I merely wished to see if an allegation had some substance to it, that is all. If anyone is upset or offended, then please believe that was never my intention.

16 Apr 2021

Margaret Swift you were making a very serious allegation of crime, without initially giving any evidence, and I thought it reasonable to question it. You have now provided your reason for making it. What you have said so far is certainly suspicious behaviour, but not evidence of drug running. If illegal drugs are being brought onto the coast by boat as you allege then it is definitely a matter for ...

16 Apr 2021

Margaret Swift I would suggest calling the Coastguard via 999 if you witness it again. My post was not meant to be hostile. 1263 - sorry, don't understand your banter on this occasion.

15 Apr 2021

Margaret Swift, I take it that this is not a serious post, or at least not backed up by fact or verified intelligence?

That is indeed great news Ziggy. We enjoyed lovely hot chocolate and coffee from you down at The Cove yesterday. Would have had food too, but Sunday lunch was beckoning! Looking forward to live music events. Where would you be giving out information when they happen please?

Lovely pictures. Thanks DEEDOODLE.

25 Aug 2020

Remember to sing the chorus (as loudly as you can) after each verse!!

I seem to remember Theresa May threatening this in the 2017 election (along with the "dementia tax"). She called the election fully expecting to romp home against Jeremy Corbyn's commissars, but a hung parliament was the result instead. Much was said at the time that the Tories lost what was referred to as "the grey vote" because of this, which was a significant factor in May's failure to secure ...

Fantastic. Thank you.

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