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My neighbour, as i have banged on about before, is getting up to 2 deliveries of shopping a week. i assume its because he is over 70, but he goes out in his car after the deliveries to the garden centre and shops. he goes out in his car at least 2 to 3 times a day and has had family and friends round in his front and back gardens numerous times during lockdown standing right next to them. ...

Those billions of £'s have gone into pockets they don't just disappear into the ether. I am just waiting for the announcement that vat will have to be increased to 25 percent. Oh.......and wait for it m.p's have a substantial payrise to cover their inconvenience for having to endure the covid saga.

A peaceful walk along the beach and bird sanctuary at Dawlish Warren early this morning.

Appreciated webmaster.

1½ weeks ago

For some reason I cannot post the pics the right way up, so you will have to stand on your head to view them correctly. Looks like more jets in the sky

about dominic cummimgs
1½ weeks ago

Boris's decision over this self righteous sausage will haunt him to the next general election.

There's common sense and there's common sense.

1½ weeks ago

@Lynne .....indeed, but how many may i have infected in the 14 to 49 days the virus takes to show any symptoms? Its like the government saying people can come to this country and self isolate for 14 days! a plane load of people x 10, 20, 30, 100 plus planes coming into the u.k. a day. How many were infected before they got on the plane and how many infected when they got off the plane. ...

2 weeks ago

Today i went shopping, a stressfull chore every two weeks. The last couple of months i have equipped myself with a gvs elipse a1p3 respirator and a pair of dewalt goggles. i fully shave my face and fully sterilise the mask and goggles between shops on top of that they are not used for the fortnight between shops either. on arriving at either sainsburys or morrisons i put the mask on and ...

Do people die of covid 19? Or do they die from the covid 19 lowering their immunity to the point that something else is able to take hold? Have overall death rates increased this year, month by month, over the last 10 years. I had a look around the internet and it was interesting to put the covid 19 pandemic deaths into context with all other deaths that occur year on year. ...

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