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I believe when a u.k. prime minister leaves office they also get an immediate pensions pay out - currently around 64K, nice. If politicians had to experience the fall out of many of their ill thought out decisions that affect the common person they would certainly be more careful. They don't so they  wont, that's why many, but not all become politicians I expect.

Pavement cyclists
9 Sep 2016

Popped over to Exmouth on the ferry a couple of days ago and saw how much development has been going on there for the last few years. Makes Dawlish look like we are back in the stoneage. The one thing that impressed me was the extensive cycle paths along side the main road on the front and guess where the majority of cyclist's were riding...indeed, in the road blocking and slowing down the ...

Barton Surgery
20 Aug 2016

@UPWITHIT - i wonder if they get a fee for each blood test they do, just a thought.

Dawlish Carnival 2016
20 Aug 2016

Great Carnival.

Barton Surgery
19 Aug 2016

Just got a letter from Barton surgery today from A J P Clements stating 'I am currently reviewing patients' blood tests and noticed that a previous blood test you had suggested that you may have a touch of diabetes'. Now the only blood test I have ever had at Barton surgery was around 2-3 years ago and I only agreed because they kept banging on everytime I went in about having a blood test and ...

@Gary Taylor - many thanks for the info.

Was it there boat?

@Gary Taylor - thanks for the reply, but this was the only other planning req that i was able to find and it does not include the work currently being carried out as shown in the pics i have included. i can only assume that the work to the cycle path in the pics is related to the planning app 16/02234/dcr and they decided to go ahead long before the planning app was even submitted.

18 Aug 2016

@Gary Taylor - thankyou for the reply, can you advise me of the planning req no for the work shown in my photographs so that i can check the details, it would be appreciated.

18 Aug 2016

I may have the wrong end of the stick, but why has work already started on this application when it is yet to be approved. From looking at the application for the changes to Lanherne to accomodate the new cycle path. It states on the application that the target date for a decision on whether the plan is approved is the 01/09/16 and the public expiry date is the 02/09/16 which in itself is ...

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