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Apparently a Town Councillor was interviewed by ITN West News yesterday and he advised that the Town Council believe that the proposed new sea wall will spoil the Town. Has anyone seen the broadcast? Why are our Town Councillors opposing a scheme that is the future life blood of the south west?

Crime and Prejudice at Teignbridge District Council, are the Conservatives about to implode? 1. A member of Teignbridge District Council’s ruling executive committee has  appeared in court charged with the attempted murder of his wife. A prominent Chudleigh Tory councillor, Cllr Douglas Hellier Laing holds the position of executive member and portfolio holder for economy, skills and ...

Graham Price
19 May 2017

Yes, I highlighted this issue about three weeks ago and the discussion thread fizzled out. I'll gladly repost the supporting email trail together with copies of Linda's and John's resignation letters should anyone wish to see them. Councillor Graham Price referred to Linda and John as 'Bastards' in an email, I suspect that his Tory Councillor colleagues have suggested that he should lay low for ...

Indy Scott, yes I admit it, I used the wrong word, have now deleted 'hacked' and inserted 'hijacked' Thanks for bringing that to my attention, we can't all be perfect, hope to see you on Friday. You can call me Roderick if you like.

26 Apr 2017

So, Indy Scott, you are vehemently anti Tory and apparently not too keen on the Lib dems? Your political allegence is your business, but, we could possibly be kindred spirits? The email trail that I have posted was predominately to help set the record straight regarding the resignations of John and Linda Petherick, I'm confident that you will agree that another Councillor should not have ...

26 Apr 2017

Needless to say the emails were leaked to me as indeed they have been to a number of other Dawlish residents. Technically, as the three District Councillors who have contributed to the trail, have used their own Teignbridge email address's the emails would be the property of Teignbridge and perhaps they have also used the IT equipment that has been entrusted to them for business use only which ...

26 Apr 2017

-------- Original Message -------- Subject: Re: NEW MAYOR From: Cllr Rosalind Prowse < > Sent: Monday, 10 April 2017 13:13 To: Cllr Humphrey Clemens < >,Cllr Graham Price < >,Angela Fenne < > CC: pauline Bloomfield < ...

26 Apr 2017

I have a copy of the very disturbing email trail, will post it shortly. Warning it contains a word that some might consider to be offensive.

Have just received this from Annother 46. From: Annother46 To: Likeablerat 16 Dec 2014 16:15 If you do not delete your last message I will report you to the Police and persue through the courts

16 Dec 2014

On the 14th I became suspicious about the similarities of terminology and style used by Annother 46 and deduced that Annother 46 was possibly a clone of a regular poster who has apparently become somewhat distant of late. Yesterday I received a private message from ‘Eugmauran’;  the message advised that Eugmauran and Annother 46 were one of the same? Yet another clone? how odd?

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