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07 Dec 2017 08:58

Crime and Prejudice at Teignbridge District Council, are the Conservatives about to implode?


A member of Teignbridge District Council’s ruling executive committee has  appeared in court charged with the attempted murder of his wife.

A prominent Chudleigh Tory councillor, Cllr Douglas Hellier Laing holds the position of executive member and portfolio holder for economy, skills and tourism. It is understood that Councillor Hellier Laing is currently being held in custody in Plymouth and he has also been suspended from the Conservative party. Not sure if he is still being paid by Teignbridge.




Senior Teignbridge councillor censured for bullying behaviour


AN INFLUENTIAL and colourful district councillor bullied a member of staff at Teignbridge Council, a report has revealed

Former deputy leader George Gribble also made ‘inappropriate comments’ – and has been given a slap on the wrist after an investigation found he had broken the authority’s code of conduct.

The Bovey Tracey member was at a social event representing the council, when he made ‘several over-familiar and inappropriate comments’ to an employee of the authority.

The member of staff – who wants to remain anonymous – also claimed Cllr Gribble acted in a ‘bullying and intimidatory manner’ when the pair had a later meeting


Independent investigator Mr G Barnicott probed the complaint and decided Cllr Gribble had breached the code of conduct as he was representing the district authority at the time.

The information, which surfaced today, was revealed in an agenda which will go before next week’s Standards Committee at Teignbridge Council.

The report states: ‘The investigator found that Cllr Gribble did not behave respectfully towards a member of staff.

‘He therefore failed to follow paragraph 1 of the Code of Conduct.

‘Cllr Gribble was bullying and intimidatory towards the same member of staff.

‘He therefore failed to follow paragraph 2 of the Code of Conduct.’

Cllr Gribble, who also sits on Devon County Council and Bovey Tracey Town Council, was ordered to take a training session about code of conduct matters as well as behaviour relating to the breaches.

He also wrote an apology to the person involved and gave an undertaking about his future behaviour.

Speaking to the Mid-Devon Advertiser this morning, Cllr Gribble explained he was at Exeter University in April this year when he described a group of women as attractive – but was told he couldn’t say that.

‘I apologised for what I said but the officer said she was still going to complain,’ Cllr Gribble added.

He told the Mid-Devon Advertiser that he later met the complainant to ask her why, if she had accepted his apology, she was still pursuing the matter.

He said: ‘I asked her three times and left – I was then accused of bullying.

‘I admitted to it, pleaded guilty and had a training course.’

Cllr Gribble apologised for his actions and when asked said he would not identify the employee because he didn’t want to embarrass her.



DAWLISH town and district councillor Graham Price has resigned from both authorities with immediate effect.,

Last and perhaps not least, Dawlish’s very own Councillor Graham Price who according to previous posts on this site, chose to evade justice and resign?, due to health and personal reasons? What an unfortunate and abrupt end to life on the gravy train?

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07 Dec 2017 11:50

Just the tip of a very blue iceburg from these smooth Tory operators. laughlaughlaugh

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07 Dec 2017 14:57

I could not agree morewinkwink

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07 Dec 2017 17:23

Just out of curiousity does anyone know if Cllrs Clatworthy and Hockin attend the town council meetings in their respective capacities as our Devon County Councillor and one of our Dawlish Teignbridge District councillors?


I only ask as I believe it was allegedly stated by Cllr Prowse that neither of those two councillors would attend the town council meetings if Cllr Wrigley was elected as mayor. Which he was.  


Click on this link for email trail

Julias Sachin
Julias Sachin
07 Dec 2017 22:55

Lynne you will need to go onto the Dawlish Town council web page where you will find the minutes of their meetings. This will tell you who was in attendance at Dawlish Town council meeting. Hope that answers your question. Happy to help.

08 Dec 2017 12:17

Yes I know that (and thanks for your help).

 I asked as there are no minutes online for any of the full council meetings since July of this year. That is why I asked the question as there is (presently) no way for me (or anyone else for that matter) to check.

Just wondered if anyone reading this had been in the public gallery at any time since July and noticed whether or not they had been there. 

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