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day one
25 Aug 2016

Came across this thread from 2005, one of the early ones and started to read it and made me laugh.

Barton Surgery
20 Aug 2016

@Mcjrpc - indeed, i'm only trying to emulate someone else of great virtue on this site.

20 Aug 2016

@Carer , thankyou for the info, but having had a blood test 2 to 3 years ago i was aware that the g.p. did not sully there hands with this menial task. what i was getting at is there may be a form of revenue from carrying out things such as periodic blood tests.

@Gary Taylor , i tend to agree with you, for a change, on the idea of an old style traditional bandstand to replace the bunker.

6 Jul 2016

Use the perfectly good play park opposite the Manor House. Why should everyone else suffer  from screaming kids/parents on the Lawn. It's bad enough with the Dawlish drinking club at the happy hut. The Lawn is a finite space, How much Lawn would be left if the TERMITE (replacement for bandstand area) had been constructed plus this play park. Leave The Lawn alone, once it's gone, it's gone. ...


@Sir Michael - i would assume that you are unaware of the drop on the sea wall between dawlish and the warren. in places there is a drop of 10 feet or more and the walkway is only about 8 to 9 feet wide, to the edge with no barriers. Families walking with children, eldery and just normal walker's are put at risk by cyclist's who feel the need to ride their bikes along these sections of the ...

I've been voting for over 30 years in this country and this is the first time. I believe, the people of this nation have had a result that will actually benefit this country. It is also the first time, after a vote, that those that lost have moaned and bitched so much about the result. Maybe now the politicians will have to work for their pay to get this country back to its former glory. ...

Might not need recycling yet if we have a 2nd referendom !!!

It seems under E.U. rules that the referendum to leave the European Union was void. Supposedly if the vote is less than 60 percent based on a turnout of less than 75 percent then a 2nd referendum should take place. I don't think this would have been taken seriously if the result was to remain rather than LEAVE. British democracy is what counts in a Bristish referendum by the British people ...

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