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Cooking with Tallyrand

RECIPE INDIAN - AA recipe article


who doesn't like a good 'ruby murray'? 

all forms of Indian cuisine (including a curry) are a true delight to me. From the seafoods of Goa and Nicobar to the meat dishes of bihari and everything inbetween. Strangely enough, while many people in the UK think of Indian cuisine as meat based curries, in fact maybe 40% of the nation is vegetarian, due to religous beliefs. 

in fact the best vegetarian dishes I have eaten were in my travels around India. To the point where I have to admit, I didn't even miss meat as being part of my diet. Fish, shellfish, vegetables both common and ones only seen throughout the Asian continent, pulses, grains and lentils of all shapes and colours

I will post some vegetarian dishes later, but I thought I would commence with some basic dishes, either basic in production or for thier ingredients. Some of my favourites and hopefully yours too

along the way, you will find lots of tips and tricks for getting the best final product you can

snack        - onion bhaji   

riata         - tomato & onion

riata         - cucumber      


chicken    - tandoori style

chicken    - butter            

lamb        - rogan josh     


breads    - unleavened     

breads    - leavened         

breads    - parantha         


rice         - plain, boiled     

rice         - buttered          


side dish - cachumber      


beverage - mango lassi    


dessert    - shrikand          

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