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RECIPE BBQ - riata, tomato & onion


a raiata is essentially a side dish, often but (as in this case) not always yoghurt based

there are dozens of tomato & onion raita recipes, I have kept this one nice and simple that is great as a side dish for bbq's 

known in India as pyaz tamatar ka raita, it is perfect for tandoori or butter chicken as it has a crispness and acidity that cut through the creaminess, and richness of the dish 

tomatoes - large 3 pc 
red onion - small 1 pc
garlic clove 1 pc
sweet chilli sauce    sq


  1. slice the tomatoes, then cut into strips and finally into dice
  2. finely dice onion to the same size as the tomatoes
  3. finely chop the garlic clove
  4. combine and add chill sauce to taste
  5. taste and season 
Indy Ruth
Indy Ruth
01 Aug 2012 19:34

Is this Indian?

03 Aug 2012 00:36

Hi Ruth -  pyaz tamatar ka raita, certainly is Indian :-)

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