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RECIPE BBQ - corn cobs with mexican spices


corn cobs just lend themselves to the bbq, what better vegetable is there for throwing on the barbie? 

it doesn't soften and fall through the bars, it doesn't easily burn and the flavour develops so wonderfully when bbq'd, especially when it takes on that slightly blackened look

frozen or fresh, they are both great, I have stated frozen here as they are usually most readily available But either way, I find it best to cut them if need be so they are approx 6-8cm long, this usually means cutting whole ones in half. If using fresh, cut off the pointed tips too 

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corn cobs - frozen  10 pc
butter 50 gm
brown sugar 1 tbs
garlic clove 2 pc
paprika 1 tsp
cumin 1/2 tsp
cayenne   sq
black pepper   sq
lime 1 pc


  1. cook the corn cobs in boiling water for five minutes, drain and allow to cool
  2. combine the butter, sugar, crushed garlic and spices in a pan (adding cayenne and pepper to suit yuour own heat tolerence) and gently melt together, or place in a microwave dish and place on defrost cycle for approx 2 minutes, stir and microwave again for 3 minutes (this allows the butter to slowly melt and the flavours to infuse)
  3. place onto the hottest part of pre-heated bbq and brush with infused butter
  4. allow to cook for approx 3 minutes before turning slightly, brush again
  5. allow to cook for another 3 minutes, turn and brush again
  6. after the final 3 minutes, the corn cobs should be nicely browned, remove the the cooler area of the bbq and brush with any remaining butter/spices
  7. leave here, turning occasionally until heated through, and use serve
  8. to serve, place on a platter, squeeze the cut lime over the corn and sprinkle with some roughly chopped chervil


chef notes

  • if your not a fan of charred corn, brush each cob liberally with butter and wrap in tinfoil prior to placing on bbq

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